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10 Best Electric Smokers in 2020

Updated 05/28/2020

Best Electric Smoker

Very little needs to be said about electric smokers. An electric grill helps to reduce the time that you will spend to monitor your smoking and grilling. Most electric grills feature a timer and temperature control settings that help make this possible. Also, with an electric smoker, you only need to simply connect your smoker to a socket and you are good to go. It’s as simple as that.

If you are a lover of smoked food, then you should consider getting a smoker. Here are ten of the very best.

Key features:
  • Auto-off feature
  • Temperature adjustment settings
  • Six cooking racks
Weight 60.50lbs
Heating element power: 500W
Cooking Capacity: 858 sq. in.
Temperature range: up to 280℉

Another extraordinary product that you will do well to consider if you are looking for a sturdy long-lasting smoker is the Bradley Smoker BTDS108P 990223 Digital 6-Rack Smoker. Produced from stainless steel of the highest quality, this elegant smoker is particularly built for durability, and its strength is unrivaled in the market.

Likewise, the functionality of this is commendable. It is equipped with 6 strong racks, with each of them providing a surface area of 143 square inches. Altogether, the six racks provide and aggregate cooking area of 858 square inches. Apart from this, there is an ash catcher that collects the ash from the wood chips that you use in flavoring the meat. Also, its 500W heating element is reliable and efficient. And with its temperature adjustment settings, you can smoke your food at the appropriate temperature that will guarantee perfect results.

The Bradley Smoker BTDS108P has an auto-off safety feature. More so, comes with a one-year warranty.

Key features:
  • Four sturdy chrome-plated racks
  • Temperature adjustment settings
  • Side chip loading system
  • Built-in wheels for enhanced portability
Weight 45.90lbs
Heating element power: 800W
Cooking Capacity: 730 sq. in.
Temperature range: 100°F – 275°F

Masterbuilt is a reliable brand and most of its products rank among the best on the market in their respective categories. And, as far as quality is concerned, the Masterbuilt MB20071117 30-inch Digital Electric Smoker is another commendable product from Masterbuilt.

This shiny black smoker is large and has sufficient volume to adequately serve a large gathering in one go. The four chrome-plated racks are quite strong and sturdy and can hold a large weight, and they don’t rust easily. 

An additional feature of this highly impressive product includes a patented wood chip loading area located at the side. This strategic location of this loading system enables you to load flavoring chips without having to open the door. Also, there is a digital control panel that makes it easy for you to preset the smoking temperature and heating time. This goes a long way in ensuring consistent smoking. Moreover, this smoker has an air damper to control smoke, a removable grease tray that collects the oil dripping from the meat, and an ashtray for collecting the ash from the burnt wood. All these make the smoker quite easy to clean.

It is also fitted with wheels for enhanced portability.

Key features:
  • Efficient heating element
  • 0 to 24 hours auto shut-off timer
  • Side loading wood tray
  • Adjustable temperature settings
Weight 45.86lbs
Heating element power: 800W
Cooking Capacity: 730 sq. in.
Temperature range: 100 – 275℉

The Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Digital Smoker is another reliable smoker that we strongly recommend. This product has several features that justify its inclusion in this list. Starting with its four chrome-plated racks that contribute a total cooking space of 730 square inches, this smoker allows you to prepare a considerably large amount of food at once.

Other than that, the 880W heating element is quite functional and energy saving. Moreover, this smoker is equipped with a thermostat for temperature control. As a result, you can adjust the internal temperature to your preference while smoking your food.

additionally, this product allows you to flavor your food to your satisfaction. It has a side loading wood tray where you can load wood chips for flavoring. More so, it comes with a drip pan and top air damper that makes it very easy for you to clean after use.

The Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Digital Smoker features a digital timer. You can also preset it to shut itself off at any time of your choice.

No wonder it is a best-seller.

Key features:
  • Four solid, chrome-plated racks
  • Strong caster wheels
  • Bluetooth-enabled digital control panel
  • Large and transparent viewing window
  • Smoke-on-Demand system enables the use of wood chunks
Weight 69lbs
Cooking Capacity: 711 sq.in.
Temperature range: 175 – 275℉

The Masterbuilt MES 430G Electric Smoker is one of the best-selling products in the Masterbuilt Adventure Series range. This is not accidental. Rather, it is due to the effectiveness and high functionality of the smoker. This smoker packs all the features that are required to serve a sizeable number of people easily.

This elegant smoker incorporates four smoking racks. These racks provide a total cooking space of 711 square inches. This space is large enough to accommodate about six chickens and four fish fillets at once. Apart from this, the racks are chrome-plated, which makes them highly resistant to rust. As a result, they are very durable and you will use them for a very long time. Furthermore, the large door of this device is transparent and you can monitor your food without having to open it. it features a Smoke-on-Demand system that enables the use of wood chunks.

Additionally, the Masterbuilt MES 430G is quite easy and straightforward to use. It incorporates a digital panel control that can be operated via Bluetooth. With this digital panel control, you can adjust the internal temperature to suit your smoking requirement up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, if you are using wood chunks, there is a heating element that provides you with five heat intensity options. It is also fitted with strong caster wheels to enhance its portability.

Additional features include a temperature probe that allows you to know the internal temperature of the smoker, a water bowl, and a drip tray.

Key features:
  • Built-in temperature gauge
  • 2 chrome-plated racks
  • Strong and stable legs
  • Flavor channels for proper flavoring
Weight 23lbs
Heating element power: 1500W
Cooking Capacity: 351 sq. in.
Temperature range: up to 200°F

If you are looking for a small, highly portable smoker that will serve your small-sized family well, then you look no further than the Americana 2-in-1 Electric Water Smoker. This chimney-like smoker has a small cooking space of just 351 square inches, contributed by two chrome-plated racks.

Knowing the internal temperature of the smoker might be necessary if you want precise and highly satisfactory results. Hence, the built-in temperature gauge that comes with this smoker is handy for checking the internal temperature. Additionally, this product comes with a water pan that has a capacity of 5.5 quartz. More so, there are smoke channels that direct flavored smoke directly to the food, for maximum food flavoring.

The 1500W heating element of this device is quite efficient and helps to conserve energy. More so, it is fitted with heat-resistant handles. It also has very strong, heavy-duty legs that enhance its stability.

Key features:
  • Sturdy and durable steel construction
  • Energy-efficient heating element
  • Adjustable temperature settings
Weight 58.6lbs
Heating element power: 400W
Cooking Capacity: 22lbs
Temperature range: 100℉ – 150℉

The Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker is one of a kind. This smoker is powered by a highly efficient and energy-conserving heating element that has a power rating of 400W. It comes with three removable grids, with additional space for one more. These three racks are quite sturdy, and they have the capacity to accommodate up to 22 pounds of meat at once.

The adjustable temperature settings of this smoker make it easy to adapt the cooking conditions to suit your requirements. There is a rheostat that allows you to regulate the temperature between 100℉ and 150℉.

This smoker is very easy to use. It is fitted with wheels to make it extremely easy for you to move it from one place to another. Moreover, it is energy efficient and prevents heat loss, thanks to its interior fiberglass insulation. Moreover, the exterior is made from industrial-grade stainless steel. Hence you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth with this device.

Key features:
  • Three chrome-plated racks
  • Temperature adjustment settings
  • Lightweight and portable
Weight 51.50lbs
Heating element power: 1500W
Cooking Capacity: 548 in2
Temperature range: 100 – 400°F

The Cuisinart COS-330 Electric Smoker is very convenient and easy to use. It is a simple yet effective smoker that makes it into this list off the back of its highly remarkable features and ease of use.

This product is powered by a 1500W heating element. This element is quite strong and reliable. It is capable of delivering heat up to 400°F. Also, it is designed making use of high-grade materials that you can trust to last for a long time. Its three chrome-coated racks provide a total cooking surface area of 548 square inches. These racks are removable so that you can easily wash and dry them after use. Moreover, they are rust-resistant.

Additionally, the Cuisinart COS-330 has adjustable temperature settings. If you want precise results, all you need to do is to set the internal temperature to the particular temperature needed to cook your meat. There is a digital control panel that allows you to do this easily.

Extra accessories that come with this smoker include a removable water pan and a wood chip tray. It is lightweight and has handles that enable you to easily move it from one place to another.

Key features:
  • Four metal racks
  • Carry handles and wheels for easy movement 
  • Easy to operate control panel
  • Adjustable temperature settings
Weight 50.50lbs
Heating element power: Electric
Cooking Capacity: 725 in2
Temperature range: 100 – 275°F

The Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker is definitely one of the best products of Char-Broil. Char-Broil itself is a well-known brand, trusted by millions of people around the world. This smoker has an insulated, double-wall construction that is quite effective at minimizing heat loss. As a result, you are guaranteed to get consistent results when you use it to smoke your meat. It has four racks that provide an aggregate cooking surface area of 725 square inches. This space is sufficient to adequately serve a gathering of ten people.

Additionally, the advanced control panel is a LED display that is quite easy to read, therefore allowing you to navigate the settings without any hassle. With this panel, you can adjust the internal temperature and set the timer for the smoker to automatically shut off. Also, there is a removable temperature gauge that allows you to know the internal temperature of the smoker at any point while cooking.

Extra features include carry handles and wheels for mobility, and a drip tray to collect the grease from the meat.

Key features:
  • Three chrome-plated racks
  • Reliable 1500W heating element
  • Adjustable internal temperature
  • Built-in thermometer
Weight 48lbs
Heating element power: 1500W
Cooking Capacity: 457.86 in2
Temperature range: 240 – 300°F

If you want a smoker that will last long while giving you peace of mind, then you should try the Royal Gourmet SE2801 Electric Smoker. It is a great product with great functionality, and we have no doubt that you will enjoy it. One of the unique things about this product is its versatility. In addition to smoking, you can also use it to grill, steam, and make BBQ. Hence, when you buy this, you are buying more than just a smoker.

Apart from its versatility, this product is sturdy and durable. Moreover, its 1500W heating element is efficient. It comes with three chrome-plated racks, with a total cooking surface area of 458 square inches. Also, the internal temperature of this smoker can be adjusted to suit your cooking requirements. A grease cup, a stainless-steel water pan, and a chip box make up the grease management system that makes it easier for you to clean and maintain the smoker.

Key features:
  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • Power-saving heating element
  • Five removable grilling racks
Weight 19.95lbs
Heating element power: 450W
Cooking Capacity: about 50lbs
Temperature range: 165°F (consistent)

The Smokehouse Products Big Chief Electric Smoker will serve you adequately. It makes use of a 450W heating element to supply heat to the interior. Also, the stainless-steel construction is quite durable while the five grilling racks have the capacity to carry weight up to 50 pounds. Thee racks are removable; hence you won’t have to go through much stress when cleaning them.

Extra accessories that come with the Smokehouse Products Big Chief Electric Smoker include a flavor pan that allows you to flavor your food to your satisfaction and a long electric cord. More so, this product very lightweight and highly portable.

You won’t regret buying it.

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