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Pit Boss K24 Ceramic Review

Updated 12-06-2021 – Dan Alvazrez

As I’m sure you all know, having a memorable BBQ means that you need the right gear. Nobody wants to host a dull BBQ party, especially as summers draw near. It just takes away from the purpose of grilling. Instead, you should be focusing on getting the ideal BBQ grill for your summer shenanigans.

Well, for a lot of BBQ enthusiasts, the Pit Boss Kamado Grill has become the best option these days. Designed by the innovative Pit Boss Grills, its 24-inch model has become somewhat of a domestic name in the grilling industry. Whether you’re a novice on the scene or have been hanging out at outdoor parties for a while, the Pit Boss K24 is one of the most remarkable models out on the market.

Some of you may not be interested in a more obscure company like Pit Boss, but no need to worry. In this Pit Boss K24 Ceramic Review, we’ll be looking at all the features, pros, and cons in full depth to help you make the right decision:



Well, the brand itself is a slight irregularity. Being a pretty well-known company, Pit Boss does set quite a high level of anticipation, with the K24 being one of its more reliable names. But ever since they started, the Pit Boss corporation – retained by Dansons, the brains responsible for the Louisiana Pellet Smokers – is famous for all the right motives.

Settled in Alberta, Canada, the company focuses on doing most of its work in Minnesota, USA. Regardless of where your unit is being shipped from, though, you can rest assured that your product is a reliable and appealing piece of equipment.

Pit Boss has a lot of passion for their work and does as much as possible to make each product a worthwhile one for their consumers. For a long time, they’ve been the primary option for people looking who wanted something more unique. This is a major selling point of the Dansons products today, seeing as they produced the best pellet smokers on the market these days.

Now, with their new products like the K24, they can also offer a more versatile and unique grilling option along with other models. A lot of market experts even say that Pit Boss has now settled as a premium member of the grill industry, a close second to Traeger. Their new products also outsell their Louisiana grills, which means the brand is only getting better with time.

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Efficient space usage

The Pit Boss K24 Ceramic BBQ uses efficient and powerful dual stainless steel grates. Each grate in turn makes it simple for users to create a nice mix of foodstuffs without a lot of stress or hassle. With a plentiful amount of space across its 24 inches, you are more or less guaranteed a more stress-free and convenient grilling experience.

The compact upper grate allows you to make quicker and more convenient food configurations for more versatile cooking. So, if you want a more comprehensive and extensive cooking experience that can feed a large party of people, then this grill is the model for you.

Also, thanks to the dual design of these cooking grates, you can have smaller chunks of meat or veggies grilled quickly and at the ready sooner. As long as you don’t take on more food than you or the BBQ can handle, shouldn’t have too many issues getting the K24 to work for you with regards to space.

Add in some convenient compact foldable side shelves, and you also get a useful option for food storage and serving. So instead of commuting between the grill and tables hectically, you can just set up the food that’s ready on the shelves. People can serve themselves or carry food to the table as you juggle other meats on the grates.

Not only does it allow you to focus on cooking, but it also allows other people to focus on cleaning as you’re busy. So, it’s the ideal use of space all around.


Temperature control

Besides good use of space, the Pit Boss Kamado also makes use of an accurate and smart thermometer. While other grills also have their thermometers, none of them are as dependable or precise as this one. The thermometer’s straightforward to read thanks to its large display, so that you have no issues maintaining the ideal cooking temperature for your BBQ.

This temp control also helps you manage grilling safety more securely. That’s because the K24’s thermometer is a lot more consistent in comparison to other famous models out there. Relying on this temperature control system means you can have a more stress-free cooking experience with well-cooked foods.

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Speaking of safety, the K24 also uses a powerful and efficient damper made from cast iron. If you are concerned about your food getting burned and costly ingredients being spoiled, don’t worry. The Pit Boss K24 Ceramic BBQ includes a ton of features that work to negate this potential risk as much as practically possible.

For that purpose, most users may realize using this piece of equipment would be the ideal safety experience. It’s durable, strong, operative, and dependable from every corner in terms of safety. This means you get a more professional grilling moment which boosts your confidence in cooking.



The K24 is surrounded by dual foldable bamboo shelves that provide space to easily and quickly prep and serve foodstuffs. To make use of these shelves, Pit Boss made sure the installation was as easy as possible. All you have to do is set it up or have it assembled in any store. That said, you have to be sure the assembly is done right for maximum effectiveness.

If you feel that the handles or hinges are moving too easily, or are too loose, you’ll have to start all over. In the same way, if you had the grill assembled by professionals but it’s delivered to you all loose and rickety, then it needs to be reassembled. The grill has to the solid. So, while setup is easy, it needs to be done right.

Because of this, a lot of users complain about flimsy construction, which isn’t a fault in the grill but rather in the way it’s assembled. When set up just right, the whole thing is strong and sturdy. Be sure to fix the lockable wheels on the grill’s stand as well since they can get loose if not locked properly. Nobody wants a fire hazard with grills falling over and starting backyard fires.



With first-time use, you have to make sure to do a preheat to help start the process. Typically, you need to maintain the temperature for an hour, starting at about 250 degrees, then 350, 450, and finally 550. This preheat lets users know if the grill is working ideally. Once preheated, your grill is ready to go.

Loading coal in is simple, which makes the K24 a nice find. Loading fuel can be a tiresome process with other grill models in the same price range, so this is a breath of fresh air. All you have to do is fill it up with coal and you’re ready. The only drawback with this is that the dampers and insulation, while good, aren’t the best for the K24’s price range.

This means that you have to hover over the grill during the entire cooking process to make sure everything’s alright. As long as you know how to manage the grill, the dampers are still great to work with. Once the food is done, all you need to do is serve everything on the bamboo shelves and you’re good to go. The shelves are strong, so you get to load them up quickly and easily for the best party.

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With regards to the grill’s design, the K24 uses some heavy-duty ceramic for its body which is great for safe and effective heating. While yes, the dampers could have been better, the quality of the ceramic body is something to marvel at. It allows for easy maintenance of the coal in a climate that’s the ideal space for your cooking purposes.

The grill’s top uses cast-iron to ensure you have plenty of control over the flow of air and heat. Many users typically do struggle with airflow in a lot of grill models. The cast-iron design will allow you to maintain the grilling temperature slightly better than other grills would allow. Although I still feel they could’ve done a lot more with the grill’s design and materials, this is still quite a lot.

Using bamboo for the shelves is important too. They have a large tensile strength to hold lots of food plates. While other shelves tend to buckle under heavy loads of food in lots of grills, these bamboo ones won’t have this issue at all. The ease of use and durability provided by all these materials is remarkable.


Pros and Cons


  • The ceramic body is profuse and robust, so you don’t have to worry about construction integrity.
  • The grill is well-designed and has a lot of depth and durability, providing a more easy and comfortable grilling solution.
  • The grill can be easily loaded up with charcoal, unlike other grill models. You can manage and maintain charcoal amount, removal, and clean up easily. The space is large enough to get filled up and you can also use lumped charcoal without any problems.
  • Sturdy and consistent enough damper that lets you have strong and easily managed air and heat flow.
  • Double-tier stainless steel grilling grates are an ideal choice for a more quick and versatile cooking solution. Makes the K24 a great option for people who want to show off a unique model at their parties.
  • With an impressive 24 inches of grilling space, one aspect you won’t have to worry about is the space provided to you. You can manage cooking large amounts of food simultaneously so that you get the best quality food served together in no time.


  • The hardware is a bit cheaper than other grill options out there.
  • The unit itself may end up being poorly set up, and beginners can have issues assembling the grill for the first time. Chances of reassembly are there with novices.
  • While the insulation and dampers are quite efficient for normal cooking use, they’re not worth the price point. You can find grills with better damping at a smaller price point. The insulation in the K24 could be more consistent and reliable.
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Well, that’s it for the Pit Boss K24 Ceramic BBQ review. What are my thoughts overall? Well, the K24 is a pretty dependable and operative grilling system. That being said, the grill does have a more Marmite dilemma to it.

For some users, it’s one of the top grills out there these days. For other people, it’s not worth the cost. Ultimately it all depends on the way it’s assembled, how you receive it and what you need to use it for.

If you tend to prefer more premium dampers and other features, then this grill may be slightly off-putting in your eyes. Even so, the Pit Boss K25 is quite a well-designed grill that works easily and effectively for typical BBQ needs. So, if you want a dependable BBQ grill that is easy to use and worth the price, then this is the ideal choice for you

However, if you’re looking for a more versatile and feature-packed grill that provides more cooking configurations and the like, this isn’t the grill for you. I can’t justify the price for a lot of BBQ fans who know that they should get more for the cost. While it’s not a perfect fit for most, it does have redeemable features that make it worth it.

Of course, you can find some more impressive grills out there if you have the money to spare. That said, the K24 is still a worthwhile option that I feel that most BBQ enthusiasts will enjoy for its simplicity and quality.  As long as you’ve got the assembly under control, everything’s good to go.

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