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Best Propane Smokers in 2021

Updated 20-06-2021 – Dan Alvazrez

Being cocooned in our homes for more than a year has given us all plenty of time to learn new skills and indulge in activities that we never thought we would try -arts, crafts, writing, singing, learning new instruments, and cooking are some of the most common interests.

If you have discovered a newfound interest in BBQ and the art of smoking food then this article is the right place for you.  It is your complete guide to propane smokers, their functionality, and which brands are the market leaders.

Over the years, I have spent multiple days in my home’s backyard cooking up the meat and serving it to my friends and family. I also kept on upgrading my equipment to find that perfect smoker which delivers the most delicious BBQ while promising outstanding durability and performance. So, today, I am going to share my experience with you and list down the best 10 propane smokers of all times. 


Why do you need a Propane Smoker?

If you love the rich and decadent flavor of smoke in your chicken and meat, then you need a propane smoker. A gas smoker, or a propane smoker, is simply a piece of outdoor cooking equipment that uses propane as its heating source to smoke food.

The device is also known as a vertical propane smoker. These units are relatively easier to operate and do not cause a huge mess either. They come in various shapes and sizes so you will surely find one which fits your purpose just right. 

Most of the smokers are made from cast iron or stainless steel. Both of these materials are exceptional when it comes to reliability and durability. Furthermore, these units are perfect for anyone who is looking for a small, convenient, and portable unit that they can take with them on weekend getaways. 

In addition to being lightweight, they operate solely on propane. This means that there is no need for electricity! All you need is a small quantity of wood and a propane tank. Other than that, you only need the food you want to cook and of course, an automobile to carry it around from one place to another.

Lastly, you will get the best smoky taste in your food if you use a propane smoker rather than an electric one.  Oh, and I almost forget, they are extremely inexpensive! If we were to compare, a good propane smoker costs almost have the price of a decent wood smoker. Hence, they are also considered more convenient than pellet and charcoal smokers. A propane refill is readily available and extremely affordable.


Things to consider when buying a Propane Smoker

Do you know the most common mistakes that most people make while investing in a propane smoker? And the one I made during my first purchase? It was that I never really sat down and asked myself why I was buying this particular equipment.

Most of you must be thinking well, obviously, you are buying it because you want to make delicious BBQ. And while that is true, there are a whole lot of other things that I needed to think about before and while I was shopping for this equipment. I eventually found my way through all of it but it would have been easier if I had someone else guide me through the tedious process.

So, to keep you from making the same mistakes, let’s talk through the various factors that you need to consider before venturing off to buy a propane smoker.

Best Propane Smokers Banner Image

Features to look out for: 

Quality: The first thing you need to check out is the build quality. You need to invest in a smoker which will not only cut back on smoke but also ensure that the grease does not leak out and creates a mess. So, check the cabinet captures and also check if it maintains heat, humidity, and smoke ideally because these three features will determine how amazing your BBQ is.

Durability: As I mentioned above, most propane smokers are either made from cast iron or stainless steel. Both of them are iron alloys. While cast iron contains 2-4% of carbon, stainless steel contains less than 2%. The former also requires regular seasoning and infuses a rich flavor to the food. The latter is ideal for cooking everyday meals and requires minimal cleanup. Overall, both are durable and give optimal results.

Shape and Size: You must have a rough picture in your mind about how much food you intend to cook on the smoker at once. You also need to measure up the place where you want to place the unit so that you can find the ideal fit. As you will see in the reviews up ahead, a lot of smokers are in a vertical shape, so while you might not have trouble with outdoor space. These designs double or triple up your cooking area. While a wide smoke that has dual doors will allow you to cook bigger pieces of meat optimally.

Temperature Control: Temperature not only determines how well you cook the food but also how much of the smoke flavor is imparted in the food. So, it is probably best if you purchase a unit that allows you to conveniently adjust the temperature. 

Gas Burner: A gas burner, as the name indicates, manages the heat source of the smoker. So you need to check whether the propane-fueled gas burner produces an adequate amount of flame and if it is easy to control the flame or not.

Ease of cleanliness: You do not want to end up with a unit that takes hours to clean up. Most smokers have various useful features like a grease pan or removable racks which makes the cleanup process a lot easier.

Doors: Check the number of doors that the smoker has. Wider smokers have two doors so that you can access food easily and conveniently. You also need to evaluate the build of the doors and if they close completely to avoid leakages. Also, some smokers have drawers that let you access the chips without even opening the door and upsetting the internal temperature.

Portability: Although, we discussed above that propane smokers are the best kind to take with you on an outdoor adventure, it is still important to consider the weight and build of the unit to evaluate whether you would be able to carry it from one place to another. If you are looking for a unit to just use in the backyard or balcony of your house, then weight does not matter. However, if you are planning to take it with you to your friend’s house or maybe while you go camping, then invest in a smaller unit.

Price: If you are just trying to learn smoking food because it seems like an interesting side project and you are testing out BBQ techniques, then it is better if you start with a generic and basic propane smoker. On the other hand, if you are looking for a durable unit that will last for a long time and one with higher quality, then find an advanced unit with additional features. This will of course be much more expensive but it would be worth it!


The Best 10 Propane Smoker

Char-Broil’s TRU-Infrared Propane Smoker

1 Char-Broil’s TRU-Infrared Propane Smoker

Best Product

Char-Broil’s TRU-Infrared Propane Smoker functions not only as a smoker but also as a rotisserie and a grill. So, you have an all-in-one solution! The cooking technology integrated into the device ensures that the food you are cooking is tender and juicy on the inside and has a beautiful crispy crust on the outside. I noticed that it specifically helped to keep the flare-ups in check which I appreciated a lot.

The best thing about this smoker is that you can cook any cuts of meat, turkey, and ribs on this. The internal cooking basket can easily fit a huge 21-pound turkey. The 180 square inch grill grate makes the most delicious charred grill marks over steaks, burger patties, or other types of food. Overall, the total cooking space is 1200 square inch which comprises a smoking and a roasting basket and of course, the removable grill grate.

So, if you plan on hosting big backyard BBQ parties then you will love this smoker. The unit weighs only 50 pounds which makes it pretty easy to move around. When assembled, it is 23.4 inches in width and 36.2 inches in height. 

Furthermore, it is just as easy to use it. All you need is a standard propane tank. Besides, I liked the fact that I didn’t have to clean up much after each session. The removable grease tray captures all the mess and I just have to dump it out!

PIT BOSS’s 77435 Propane Smoker

2 PIT BOSS’s 77435 Propane Smoker

Best Value

PIT BOSS’s 7743 Propane smoker has a dual valve and dual burner system which provides a temperature range of 100 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The burners have a maximum BTU of 12,500 and light up almost instantly. So, if you are looking for a sleek, reliable, and efficient smoker then this is the one.

The unit consists of three cooking racks that have a coating of porcelain to protect them from dents and heat damage. The porcelain coating also makes the cleanup process a lot faster and easier. Just make sure you wipe the racks clean after each use to avoid rust and corrosion. Overall the cooking area is approximately 800 square inches which is enough to cook for an entire family. 

For me, the most impressive feature was the external access to the grease tray and woodchip box. So, if you are cooking for long hours or if the wood chips get burned for some reason, you can quickly replace them with new ones without disturbing the smoker’s internal temperature.

The unit weighs only 52 pounds and it is 21.5 x 23 x 47 inches in dimensions. The rear wheels and the sleek handle enhance the mobility of the unit. Not only is it easy to move but it is also the perfect size for a patio or BBQ kitchen. Lastly, I think the crystal-clear front window is an added value. It lets you keep an eye on the food without opening the door.

Camp Chef’s Propane Smoker

3 Camp Chef’s Propane Smoker

Premium Product

Featuring adjustable smoking racks x 2, a heavy gauge steel wood chip tray, a jerky smoking rack, a removable porcelain base tray, and a water pan, there is nothing I could not like about Camp Che’s Propane Smoker. It is the best propane smoker you can buy if you cook for a large number of people.

The three dampers; one of the top and one on either side of the unit work perfectly well to displace the air throughout the smoker and ensure that you have the optimal temperature at all times. To help keep control of the device, there is a small thermometer on the door that displays readings from 50 to 550 degrees.

I liked the matchless snap-ignition. It turned the burner of within seconds. The gas burner has a protected burner drum to keep the heat under control. You can cook anything in there; from ribs to even cakes! Your only limit is your creativity.

The unit weighs 63.5 pounds. It is 30.25 inches in length, 18.75 inches in width, and 17 inches in height. Though it is slightly heavier than other similar models, it is still worth investing in.

Dyna-Glo’s DGY784BDP Propane Smoker

4 Dyna-Glo’s DGY784BDP Propane Smoker

Most Affordable Option

Acquiring a total cooking space of 784-square inches, Dyna-Glo’s Propane Smoker is worth having. It contains four adjustable steel wire racks to give you plenty of space for cooking. The gas burner has a BTU of 15000 and it starts with an electronic push button. There is a large control dial on the side as well that allows you to control the temperature easily.

The wood chip box and the water bowl are made for porcelain enameled steel so that they can endure long cooking hours without any damage. The wood box has handles on the side so that you can easily fill it up with the wood chips of your choice.

The smoker has a double-door design with sliding air dampers on the top as well as the sides. I liked the placement of the dampers. It gave me better control of the internal airflow and temperature. The unit also adorns a decorative temperature gauge that features a ‘smoke zone’. This indicates the optimal temperatures for infusing smoke flavor in the food.

The unit weighs 54 pounds so you will easily be able to transport it from one place to another, at least I could do it without requiring anyone’s help. The smoker is 27 inches long, 19.20 inches in depth, and 46.46 inches in height.

Cuisinart’s COS-244 Propane Smoker

5 Cuisinart’s COS-244 Propane Smoker

Easiest to Use

Cuisinart’s COS-244 is a vertical propane smoker which has a spacious interior measuring 5.45 square feet. There is enough room to cook various meat cuts and even a few vegetables alongside. In my opinion, this particular unit is ideal for those people who are looking for a smoker to place in their patios and BBQ kitchens. It is the perfect size! Its dimensions are 19.3 x 18.1 x 38.6 inches and it weighs 69.5 pounds.

The unit has a two-door design. I liked the fact that there was a lock on the door handles which ensured that the doors remain tightly sealed during the cook. To hold the wood chips and the water, it features porcelain enameled steel trays which are super quick to clean up after use. It also includes a 40-inch propane hose and a regulator.

The smoker includes four 14 x 14 inches stainless steel shelves that can be removed in case you want to cook large pieces; the entire turkey or large cuts of meat. Plus, there is a thermometer on the front door so that you can keep the internal temperature in check at all times. The adjustable gas supply further ensures that you have full control over the heat levels within the unit.

Masterbuilt’s GS30D Propane Smoker

6 Masterbuilt’s GS30D Propane Smoker

Best for Beginners

Masterbuilt’s GS30D Propane Smoker has a total cooking space of 717 square inches and it consists of four chrome-plated smoking racks. It weighs only 58.43 pounds and has dimensions of 21.1 x 21.4 x 43.5 inches. Overall, the unit is a pretty good option if you are looking for a stable and durable smoker for outdoor cookouts.

The 30-inch two-door smoker features a gas burner made from stainless steel with push-button ignition, a type 1 regulator and hose, and a porcelain-coated water pan and wood chip tray. 

The doors have a lock on the outside so that the unit is completely sealed during cooking sessions. The handles are cool to touch. Even after several hours of slow-cooking pork tenderloin in the smoker, I was able to open and close the door without wearing any protective gloves!

There is a medium-sized temperature gauge on the front of the unit that lets you keep a check on the internal temperature. Honestly, I think this particular unit is a great option for anyone who has just started cooking food on smokers. It has a simple yet durable construction and there aren’t any complicated features. So, you can easily test and learn different techniques on this.

Smoke Hollow’s PS4415 Propane Smoker

7 Smoke Hollow’s PS4415 Propane Smoker

Most Durable Option

The improved Smoke Hollow’s PS4415 model is phenomenal. It is a 93-pound propane smoker which is 24.27 inches in length, 33.29 inches in width, and 60.83 inches in height.  It features two independently controlled stainless steel burners with a power output of 11000 BTU each. The separate operation allows better temperature control and optimized performance.

I think this unit is the most durable unit I have ever come across. So, if you want a unit that would last for years, then keep this one at the top of your list. The cabinet is made from welded steel which can stand the test of times. The grates inside are chrome-plated which is also pretty good when it comes to durability.

The unit has a total of four grates; two standard cooking grates and two jerky-style cooking grates so that you have plenty of space to cook whichever kind of poultry and meat that you want. To infuse the perfect smoke taste, there are two wood chip trays at the bottom that can be loaded externally. As I mentioned before, I like this feature in smokers because it allows me to always load more wood chips without messing with the internal temperature.

The water pan is also porcelain-coated and there a chimney on top that you can control via drag control. Last but not the least, the unit has a heat indicator on the front side to help to manage the temperature efficiently.

Masterbuilt’s PS40B Propane Smoker

8 Masterbuilt’s PS40B Propane Smoker

Best for large families

The Masterbuilt’s PS40B features a powerful heat output of 15400 BTU by the stainless-steel burner. So, this feature alone makes this unit the best one for high heat cooks. You can turn the burner on by pushing the ignition button present near the bottom of the unit.

One of the most important features that ensure that your food is being smoked to perfection is the airflow within the unit. For this, you need dampers and vents that help you control the temperature. I particularly enjoyed using the dampers of this unit. I could easily adjust them to any position I liked so I had complete control over the internal environment of the smoker.

It consists of four chrome-plated cooking racks that provide plenty of room to smoke almost four turkeys, eight racks of ribs, 20 chickens, and 16 pork pieces! So if you have a large family or you want a smoker for commercial use, this is the one!

I also liked the overall size of the unit. It wasn’t too long or too short. For me, it was just the right height. It is 21.26 inches long, 29.13 inches wide, and 43.5 inches in height.

PIT BOSS’S 77425 Propane Smoker

9 PIT BOSS’S 77425 Propane Smoker

Most Portable Option

PIT BOSS’s 77425 Propane Smoker is perfect for cooking almost any type of food. Whether you are smoking fish, vegetables, or a cut of meat, it can cook each to perfection. The temperature can drop as low as 100 degrees Fahrenheit and increase as much as 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The transparent front window eliminates the need to open the door and checking the condition of the food. The handle on the side remains cool throughout the cookout so you do not need a napkin or a heat-proof glove before touching it. There is a temperature gauge on top to let you keep track of the internal heat levels. 

The total cooking space is 676 square inches. The three cooking racks are porcelain-coated to prevent rust and corrosion. Also, the racks are quick to clean. All you have to do is wipe the grease and burnt pieces off after every cook. There is no need for that intensive cleaning process.

There is an oversized front load wood chip tray that stores enough wood chips to power through long cooking sessions. The unit also features rear wheels which makes moving the unit from one place to another a pretty easy task.

DCS’ Series 7 Gas Grill with Rotisserie & Propane Smoker

10 DCS’ Series 7 Gas Grill with Rotisserie & Propane Smoker

Largest Cooking Space

The DCS Series 7 Gas Grill, Rotisserie, and Propane smoker is a 3-in-one cooking appliance that I think will be perfect for commercial uses. It has 871 square inches of cooking space and features three main burners, a smoker burner, and a rotisserie burner that have a total BTU value of 92500. 

The 36-inch unit is constructed with 304-grade stainless steel and has a weather-proof finish. Upon research, I found out that it offers corrosion resistance, formability, and it is known for robustness. Moreover, it is effortless to clean after every cookout. Thus, it is perfect for individuals who want a large durable unit that is easy to maintain and gives you the flexibility to cook whatever you want.

It features double-sided grilling grates and a removable warming rack made from stainless steel. A large stainless-steel drip tray at the bottom captures all of the debris and other residues conveniently. Just take it out and dump the mess in a trash can.

It weighs 250 pounds which is pretty heavy but considering the large cooking space and the freedom to cook, roast, and smoke any type of food simultaneously, I think I can overlook it. However, of course, this unit is ideal if you are just going to place it in one place and not move it unless it is necessary. Lastly, it has dimensions of 27.31 x 41.63 x 24.25 inches.

Buyers Guide for Different Types of Smokers

Main Components of a Propane Smoker

Different models have a different assortment of features. However, there are only five main components that you will find in each type of gas smoker:

  1. Dampers and Vents

Both work as a medium to fuel the fire with oxygen and ensure that temperature does not increase beyond optimal levels inside the smoker.

The exhaust damper is present near the top of the unit and helps to exhaust the gases, smoke, and heat from the device. Whereas, the bottom vent or damper allows oxygen to combine with the fire and ignite the flame.

Both types of vents/dampers ensure that the temperature within the smoker is at the perfect level and does not burn the food.

  1. Gas Burner

The gas burner is present at the bottom of the smoker. Most of the time it is fueled by propane. Although, there are a few propane smokers that can easily run on natural gas by using a conversion accessory.

  1. Grill Racks

The grill racks are either made of cast iron or stainless steel. As I mentioned above, both work well. Cast iron grates are durable and are proven to retain much more heat than stainless steel. They are known for their nonstick properties.

Contrarily, stainless steel grates work ideally against corrosion and rust. Moreover, they are easier to clean. If you are confused about which ones to buy, you can always buy both types of grates for your smoker!

  1. Wood Chip Tray

As the name indicates, you pour the wood chunks into the tray and allow it to burn slowly and produce smoke. The tray surrounds the gas burner.

  1. Water Pan

The water pan is present above the wood chip tray. It is filled with cold water which helps to keep the unit’s internal temperature at optimal levels and keeps it from rising abruptly.

As the wood chunks burn, the water heats up and the water condenses. The steam helps in convection cooking -a type of cooking method in which the food is heated by a mobile heat source like hot air in an enclosed space (oven, smoker, etc).

Best Propane Smokers Buyer Guide Image 3

How to use a Propane Smoker

It is extremely easy to start and cook food on a propane smoker. It is just like working on a stove! I broke down the entire process of igniting and then using the unit in the following simple steps. If you are a newbie, make sure you proceed with extreme precaution and carefully read through these steps:

  1. Pour the wood chips into a big bowl and soak them in room temperature water for almost half an hour. Though this is not necessary, it helps to increase the smoke and keeps the wood chips from burning. It also aids to enhance the natural woody flavor of the smoke.
  2. Check if the connection between the smoker and the gas tank is secure and tight.
  3. Check the burner for any blockages.
  4. Take the water tray out of the unit. Line it with aluminum foil and then pour in some water. Then place the water tray back in its place.
  5. Take the wood chip tray out. Fill it with the wood chips and then place it back inside the smoker.
  6. Partially open the bottom and the top vents to circulate the air.
  7. Turn on the propane tank carefully.
  8. Push the igniter button for a few seconds.
  9. Turn on the gas burner. However, if the burner does not turn on immediately, try again. If it still does not ignite, close the vent of the propane tank and read the instructions manual to find clues about the issue.
  10. When the gas burner is ignited, close the door.
  11. It is better if you increase the flame at this point so that the wood chips start producing smoke as soon as possible.
  12. Once the chips produce significant smoke, you are ready to go!


Advantages and Disadvantages of a Propane Smoker

To make a sound decision that will benefit you in the long run, you need to know not only the advantages that a propane smoker provides but also a few disadvantages you might incur along the way. So, let’s quickly go through them.



  • These are extremely easy to use. Most such smokers have a push button and knob to start the fire. All you need is wood chips and that’s all.
  • They are easy to maintain. There is no charcoal residue. All you need to do is wipe the grates and the bottom clean after each use and dump the wood chips out.
  • They are portable and hence are ideal for camping and tailgating.
  • The best thing is that you do not have to worry about anything going wrong. There are no electronic connections and it requires no electrical power source. So as long as you have a propane tank and wood chips, you are good to go.


  • A propane tank is a limited power source. So, if you are planning for a long cook, then you might need more than one tank. This can cause a major inconvenience especially if you are planning a long trip away from home.
  • Most propane smokers are in a vertical design. This makes it harder to fit larger cuts of meat inside. So, you need to be very careful while purchasing a smoker. Always note the width of the smoker.
  • You might need to babysit the smoker since they are low on technology and there is no way to check the temperature without physically doing so.
Best Propane Smokers Buyer Guide Image 4

Ways to Improve Propane Smoker Performance

  1. Change the original wood chip tray with a circular cast-iron skillet or a pellet box

One of the reasons why your propane smoker isn’t performing as well as you might have expected is because of the average wood pan it already has. Some models have trays made from inexpensive material which either makes the smoker too hot or burns whatever kind of chips you put in the tray. 

A simple solution to the problem is by replacing it with a circular cast-iron skillet! It does not get hot too quickly so it efficiently and gradually heats the skillet and the wood chips in it. 

If you cannot find a skillet then try to find a pellet box that fits inside the smoker. A fully loaded box can burn for almost five continuous hours and produce the ideal amount of smoke. 

  1. Add charcoal in the wood chip tray

If you do not like the woody smoke in your food then try adding a few charcoal pieces to the smoker. All you have to do is place a few charcoal pieces over the heat dispersers. Next, you need to wrap a few wood chunks in foil and place them over the hot charcoal and wait a few minutes for the smoke to appear.

  1. Invest in a Proper Smoker Thermometer

One of the most common reasons why you are not getting the best flavor in your food is because the temperature inside your smoker is not right. Most experts suggest that you need to keep the temperature between 225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit to get the best results. To ensure that the temperature is accurate, invest in a good quality thermometer to check the internal temperature. Do not just rely on the built-in thermometers.

  1. Experiment with different types of hardwoods

You might have the best dry rub, wet brine, or marinade and still can’t get the smoke flavor that makes your mouth water just by smelling it. So what could be the issue? Sometimes, it can the wood chips that you are using. So, if you are unsatisfied with the smoke, then try making your blend of wood chips. Some common types of hardwood used to smoke are hickory, mesquite, alder, apple, and cherry. 

If you are thinking of smoking beef, then I would suggest that you experiment with all types of wood except fruitwoods like an apple. On the other hand, chicken tastes phenomenal with almost all types of hardwood except oak and maple. In the case of pork, avoid oak and mesquite.  If you are smoking fish, try alder, mesquite, and oak. Vegetables can be smoked using pecan, maple, and hickory. 


How to effectively clean up a smoker 

Whether you are a first-time user or you have been using a propane smoker for years now, the following tips will surely help you the next time you have to clean this cooking device.

Before going into the gory details, let us discuss some of the tools or supplies you might need for this process:

  • Grill brush that has a scraper
  • A putty knife
  • Rubber gloves
  • Aluminum foil
  • Dishwasher detergent
  • Wire scrub brush
Best Propane Smokers Buyer Guide Image 5

You might not need all of these, but if you have most of them then you are good to go. So, let’s start!

  • Disconnect the gas tank from the smoker.
  • Wear rubber gloves to keep your hands from getting greasy.
  • Remove all the cooking racks, smoke baskets, and drip trays from the smoker.
  • Fill up the sink with hot water and squirt the dishwasher detergent in it to make the liquid foamy. 
  • Place the cooking racks, smoke basket, and drip tray inside the water.
  • Crumble up a piece of aluminum foil and scrub all of the equipment thoroughly.
  • To get the dirt off all the nooks and corners, use a wire brush.
  • Rinse all of the tools and then allow them to dry.
  • Cover the gas burner with foil so that the debris or grease doesn’t fall into it and damage it. 
  • Use the grill brush or a putty knife to scrape off the burnt pieces of food and grease from the insides. Tip: Start from the top and gradually move towards the bottom. Place a foil or paper towel near the front of the smoker so that it catches all of the debris and grease.
  • Fill up a bucket with a mixture of hot water and detergent. 
  • Use a scrub brush to clean the inside of the smoker. Caution: Make sure that the burner is completely covered with aluminum foil so that it does not get damaged.
  • After cleaning the insides, allow it to air dry.
  • Use the same hot soapy liquid to wash the outside of the smoker and then wipe it clean.



Should you clean your smoker after every use?

It is not necessary. However, clearing out the burnt bits and pieces after each session can prevent the burnt and soot flavor from infusing into the food the next time you smoke something. Furthermore, leaving the grease and the debris inside will make it stubborn and it would be much harder to clean it afterward. So, it is better if you clear it all up when it is new.


How do you avoid creosote when smoking meat?

For those who do not know, Creosote is a thick, black residue that occurs due to the incomplete combustion of wood. Its presence can make your food tasting bitter. Moreover, it is a mess to clean. 

To eliminate the carbon-rich residue, you need to ensure that the smoker is squeaky clean before you start cooking food. A dirty smoker only aids in producing creosote. You also need to keep an eye on the dampers and vents. Proper airflow cooks the food effectively as well as makes sure that the wood burns completely and properly.

Best Propane Smokers Buyer Guide Image 6

Are smokers and grills the same thing?

No, smokers and grills are not the same things. A smoker is used to cook meat and other types of poultry. You can even smoke vegetables if you know how to use a smoker properly. Whereas, you can use a grill for almost any purpose. It offers you the flexibility to cook food in various ways. You can grill corns and even tofu on a grill but these won’t last through the slow-cook of a smoker.


What is the difference between propane and natural gas smokers?

Let’s talk about both gases first; both are colorless, odorless, and clean-burning fossil fuels. Propane gas is considered a green fuel and it is more energy-efficient. It is also heavier than air. It is delivered via a tank and it is easy to transport from one place to another.

Comparatively, natural gas is lighter than air but it is not considered a green fuel.  It is mostly supplied through the main connection. All you have to do to use a natural gas smoker is connect it to the direct pipeline. However, you will not be able to move the unit once it is attached. 

When it comes to their prices, it varies. In some areas, propane is more economical than natural gas while in other places it is the opposite. 

So which one should you select; a propane smoker or a natural gas one?

The choice is totally up to you. If you want a smoker that you can take with you anywhere you want, then go for propane smokers. Unfortunately, there is always the chance of them running out. 

If you want an endless power supply, and economical installation cost then go for the natural gas smoker. Though, keep in mind that you will not be able to move it once you have attached it to the power source.


Can I connect my gas smoker to natural gas?

Yes, you can. There are many natural gas conversion kits that you can use. However, keep in mind that most smokers run by using propane gas, and they might not be able to connect to a natural gas source. So, first of all, read through the specifications of the smoker you own and see if it is compatible with a conversion kit.

Both of these gases, though widely used, are extremely dangerous. So, if you have never done this yourself, it is better if you get a plumber and let them hook it up.


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